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Mindy Clark

August 5th through 29th 2017 | Artist Reception, Aug. 26th

Artist talk at 7:00 pm with special music guest Claire Hitchins preforming at 8:00

Claire Hitchins weaves a musical fabric that is at once spacious and intimate, enfolding and holding listeners in the warp and weft of her sincere, soulful folk melodies. Her homespun musical sensibility was fashioned among the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, formed as much by the deciduous forests and swimming holes of her home state as by the traditional songs of the American South. Claire’s nuanced voice glimmers among currents of guitar and banjo, illuminating the depth and clarity of her generous songwriting. 

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Artist Statement: I am a process artist and my work is very much a series of laborious, painstakingly pieced together self portraits concerned with identity, honesty, secrets, purpose, time and structure.

I only use recycled, found materials in my collages, which illustrates my desire to turn what is thrown away, and forgotten about, into something worth paying attention to.

I believe in second chances and do-overs. I believe in honesty and secrecy.

I believe we carry with us every experience we have ever had—-every encounter, comment, fantasy, desire, regret, longing—-layered and twisted and smashed together, shifting and pushing like geologic events responding to pressure over time.

I begin a piece with a feeling, an idea I can see in my head as shifting, moving cells of color, words and texture. Once I have a sense of what I want to create, I assemble and organize stacks of torn pages I pulled from magazines and books.

I am astounded by the infinite outcomes one of my pieces of art could possibly have. The idea that collage could change entirely if I had just used a different magazine or found that old art book three days earlier.

I can’t replace a particular red or a particular texture from a torn image like an artist could buy more paint—this makes the process more sacred, complex, challenging and purposeful.

I believe in irony— like how precious my materials are to me, considering they are all thrown away cast offs. Second chances, yet, never again.
I like that. These bits and pieces of detritus are the means for finding my voice in this world.

Artist Open Call

Yakima Maker Space Gallery is now hosting monthly art showing at our downtown Yakima location.  And we are looking for on going artist's submission. This is an open call to all Pacific Northwest with a focus on central Washington and Yakima artists.

Please submit: Artist Resume or C.V., with a brief Artist Bio (500 words or less), and sample images of the work you would like to showcase. You should include a  image sample sheet of work: e.g. title, images file name, size, medium, year created, description. Images sample should be 1920 X 1920 pixels in .jpg format and be labeled with artist’s first initial and last name followed by a number. (example: mduchamp_01.jpg,  mduchamp_02.jpg, etc.)All submissions must represent the actual artwork as closely as possible.

*Video, music, submissions should be provided as links to youtube, vimeo, or other hosting service(sorry we just don’t have the bandwidth).

Please Submit by email to: - Subject: Art Submission

For any questions please contact Johnathan Heath Lambe at email with subject title "Artist Call Questions"


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