How long will it take to build my boat?

Our class meets twice a week for 8 weeks. During class you will build and fiberglass the entire boat to 'rough finish' and our instructors will be around to make sure everyone stays on pace. At the end of week 8 all of the technical work will be complete leaving only the sanding and finishing. After class is complete you are welcome to bring your boat home or rent one of our work bays for final sanding and finishing.

Sanding and finishing is up to you and can vary widely depending on the level of detail you want to put into your boat. Motivated builders can sand and finish a boat in one week. Those of us with particular design ideas and busy schedules can take several months.

I've never worked with wood, or fiberglass, or anything like that before?  Will that be a problem?

Not at all!  We will help walk you through every step so that you can build your boat with confidence.  You will also be working along other builders, learning together and everyone will stay on pace through the end of the class.

What kinds of tools will I need for this kind of project?

The Maker Space has all of the tools necessary to take on this task.  There are a few personal tools and pieces of equipment that you will be asked to supply for yourself (including a personal dust mask/respirator).  Additional supplies are few and are generally inexpensive.  In our past builds, we have found that some builders enjoy acquiring some of the most-used hand tools for themselves.  And, of course, if you have some tools of your own, you are welcome to bring them down to use on your build.

Can I use Cedar Strips for my deck?

If this is your first build we encourage you to build with our standard okoume plywood deck. The grain of the ply leaves a beautiful finish all its own and can be ornamented however you like. If you cannot resist the look and feel, cedar strips are available for our advanced builders and offer an added level of visual expression. Cedar strip builders will be responsible to make time outside of class for the added attention required.

Can I build with a friend or family member?

Absolutely. an extra pair of hands is always helpful and its a great way to spend time together. The class price is the same even with an added participant.

Why the Deposit?

We have a lot to get ready for prior to starting the build. Your deposit helps us order all the parts for your kit and get them prepped so you are ready to go on day one.

Build your own Kayak or Stand up Paddleboard this fall and be ready for spring adventures!

Yakima Maker Space regularly offers kayak building classes, as well as a new addition, build your own Stand Up Paddleboard!

Class will last 8 weeks meeting twice a week in the evening. Participants will build their own boats, ready for final sand and varnish by the end of the class.

About the Kayak:

The two kayaks we offer for the build are the Chesapeake Light Craft Shearwater 14 and Shearwater 17. For more on each model check out the CLC Website.

About the SUP:

The Stand Up Paddleboard we are building is the Kaholo 12'6". Built for smooth gliding and stability, it's the closest you will ever get to walking on water - or maybe gliding. A full fiberglass shell means the Kaholo is rugged enough to take on the Yakima river or rocky beaches throughout the Pacific Northwest. Finish your SUP with your own fabric pattern or custom vinyl decals (made on our in-house vinyl cutter!).  You can check out more information on this paddleboard at the on the CLC Paddleboard Page.



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