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Yakima Maker Space Scheduling Portal is a fully operational. When using the: CNC, Screen Printer, Vinyl Cutters, Glowforge, Rayjet or 3D Printer you now must now schedule a time using the Schedule Web Page.

The reason for this change is simple, we have had members drive into town to use a tool only to find someone camped out on it. This new system will prevent this from happening in the future. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. The board strongly believes that this will prevent future scheduling conflicts.

List of resources at YMS
Graphic Design

We have many software options at YMS that have tons of on-line tutorials and videos to get you up and running whatever your designing needs are. YMS has the complete adobe creative suite, and a host of other graphic design software available on multiple computers for your use on a first come basis.  Access to Computers and Software is free to all supporting members. We host classes on software operation on a regular basis.

FREE for Members - no booking needed

CNC Router Table

YMS has a wonderful tool called a ShopBot! It is a 4 X 8 computer controlled router table that you can make all kinds of wonderful things with. There is however a steep learning curve and the machine is expensive to operate and maintain.  Users are required to take a certification class, or work with a certified member to use this tool. We have a sign up sheet at the front desk for up coming classes.

$30.00 an hour - Schedule time on our CNC Router Here

Rayjet Laser Engraver/Cutter

Our Rayjet Laser etcher is perfect for customizing any small object in wood, acrylic, glass, even metal. The Rayjet Laser Etcher has a deep working bay which allows it to take material up to 8″ thick. Want to customize the top of your jewelry box? This is the tool to do it! If you have not used our Rayjet before, please sign up for one of our introductory courses before scheduling laser time.

$3.00 an hour - Schedule RAYJET Here

Glowforge Laser Time

Our glowforge has a 11.5″ x 20″ working bed and can etch or cut a variety of materials from plywood, acrylic, paper board, leather, and much more! If you have not used our Glowforge before please sign up for one of our introductory courses before scheduling laser time.

$5.00 an hour - Schedule Glowforge Here

Wood Shop

We have a cornucopia of tools in our wood shop. You can any of them as a general member once you have taken the wood safety class. However, sanding disc and saw blades wear and need to be replaced. Donations to maintain the space can be dropped in the member drop box with a note, or you can buy supplies for your community shop if you feel so inclined. Karma is King! We do ask that if you do not know how to use a tool ,that you ask for help from other members. 

FREE for Members  - no booking needed

Screen Printing

We provide equipment to burn your screens, and print your projects. However, ink, emulsions and clean up items cost money. Any items you use from YMS stock is expected to be replenished. One can also make screens using cut vinyl as a template.

FREE for Members - Schedule the screen printing station Here

3D Printers

We provide the equipment to 3D print your projects.  You can use the software to get an estimate of the material costs of your print and make a donation to the space, or bring your own materials. This equipment has a bit of a learning curve so you are encouraged take a workshop to get up and running.  How to Use 3D Printers

FREE - Schedule 3D Printer Here


YMS has over 20 light duty sewing machines. There is also a serger, and a heavy duty industrial machine. Please maintain the equipment you use. 

FREE for Members  - no booking needed

Vinyl Cutter

Our vinyl cutter is perfect for creating custom stickers, circuit boards, window signs, and more. Scrap material is available at the cutter and vinyl is sold by the yard at our front desk. You are also welcome to bring your own vinyl to use in our machine. If you have not used our vinyl cutter before please sign up for one of our introductory courses prior to scheduling cutting time.

$2.00 an hour -  Schedule a Vinyl Cutter Here
Genie – Cabochon Grinding and Polishing Machine

Diamond Pacific “Genie” grinding and polishing machine. Create cabochons for necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces. Please sign up for an introductory workshop to get familiar with the machine before booking time.

$5.00 an hour - Schedule Cabochon machine Here


YMS hosts a large community of dedicated ceramics enthusiasts.  We encourage everyone that is interested in this field to take a basic foundations class, even if they have experience in the practice. This will give the gate keepers of the kilns the information they need to evaluate members skills levels.  As a member of YMS you have access to the tools at the space. As a service to our members YMS has a bisque-ware and glaze firing service that allows members to have their personal creations fired.

DON't forget to Schedule time on a tool

Useful Links:


Graphic Design
Illustrator video videos

Welcome to the complete beginners guide to Adobe Illustrator. On this course I will be introducing you to the program and covering some essential practice.

CNC Shopbot:
V-Carve Pro

Training Video

other resources


Helliesen Lumber

Hardwood Industries, Inc.


Quick and Dirty screen set up:


Interesting project ideas

Squishy Circuits for Kids

Squishy Circuits uses conductive and insulating play dough to teach the basics of electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way. Just add batteries and our pre-made doughs (or make your own dough with the provided recipes), and let your creations come to life as you light them up with LEDs, make noises with buzzers, and spin with the moto

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