Yakima Maker Space is proud to work with a network of instructors with a diverse array of knowledge in various forms of art and craft.  Do you have something you'd like to teach?  We are always looking for new partners to help us in our mission to COLLABORATE, EDUCATE, and CREATE.  Email info@yakimamakerspace.org and start a conversation about joining our team.  Some of your questions might be answered in our Instructor's FAQs

Aislinn Kalstad

Watercolor Painting

I'm Aislinn!  I have been a hairstylist and makeup artist since 2014, but my love for color has been lifelong.  I am still new to watercolor painting, as I started a few years ago, but my passion for it took hold quick.  May favorite things to paint are abstract florals and all vegetation.  I love the way watercolors blend and bleed.  It can create so many tones and textures you might never think of.  I want to share my love this medium with students, and show you what you can create when you let loose.

Amanda Ontiveros

Painting (Acrylic & Oil), Clay & Ceramics

Amanda is a self-taught painter, though she has supplemented her own learning with classes in various techniques.  She has trained for four years in ceramics and loves to work in that medium.  She also dabbles in printmaking, jewelry and other crafts.  Her work has been shown in local galleries and events around the Yakima area.  

Bob Lounsbury

Wood-working, Screen Printing

more coming soon...

Casey Picha

Wood- Working, Shop Safety, Wood- Lathe, Jewelry, Stone Cutting and More...

"I love working with my hands ever since I started building things with my dad many years ago. I got into woodturning in 2008 and have pursued that ever since. I have continue to build my repertoire of items that I love making with my hands, exploring new materials, technologies and tools along the way." - Casey

Curt Rosenkranz


More than ten years ago, Curt got his start in forging from an uncle who practiced and taught the craft, and Curt slowly began acquiring the tools needed to build his own forge.  Now Curt has learned enough to begin teaching others.  Forging is a passionate pursuit that he enjoys sharing with anyone who would like to learn. 

Debbie HUnter

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Debbie Sundlee

Clay & Ceramics; Fine Arts

Debbie is a high school art teacher of 35+ years experience who has taught overseas in private international schools in Japan, Pakistan, Australia and here in the States, most recently in West Valley High School.  She is versatile in many mediums, her favorites being ceramics, drawing, painting, calligraphy, and graphic design.  After years of planning large group activities for classrooms, she now concentrates on individualized instruction for small groups of students who are particularly interested in creating their own artistic ideas, helping them to be able to continue their work independently.

Don Wolterstorff


more coming soon...

Gayle Dormaier

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Heath Lambe

Wood-working, Graphics Design (vinyl cutters, laser engravers, screen printing), CAD / CAM, & Fabrication

Heath has a fine arts degree from Cornish College of the Arts graduate with a cornucopia of skills from; traditional sculpture and painting, to computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM). Mr. Lambe was born and raised in the wonders of the Alaskan wilderness and believes strongly in local communities ability to affect social change and progress to a more sustainable and equitable future through arts education.  

Kiara Castro


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Kyle Byam

Stone cutting and polishing

more coming soon...

Linda Hargroves

Fiber Spinning

Linda learned to spin while spending long hours caring for her mother.  To keep herself occupied, she bought a spinning wheel and some fiber and taught herself the craft, and a true love of the art took hold.  She is involved in the local and regional fiber community, teaching, giving advice, and rehabilitating neglected spinning wheels.  She also raises alpaca for fiber. 

Lynne Dolph

S.T.E.A.M. Related Classes

more coming soon...

Marie Schurk


Marie has been knitting independently for 8 years and selling her knitwear locally for 6 years.  She caught the teaching bug several years ago after participating in a knitwear demonstration for high schoolers.  Knitting is her favorite hobby and when she is not teaching, she is always looking to learn new techniques.

Myron Olsen

Bow Making, Leather and Wood-working

Myron teaches traditional bow making as well as leather working classes.

Natasha Huntington

more coming soon...

Stevena House

Sewing and pattern making


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