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Yakima Maker Space has a handful of 3D printers for our members to use.  You must attend an orientation before using the printers. And due to the finicky nature of these devices, it is best to check to make sure they are up and running before booking time on machines to print your projects. In this area, you can use one of the various CAD programs to get your file ready and then use Cura or the Prusa slicer to estimate the material usage and print time for your prints.

Once you have an estimate and you have confirmed 3D printers are working you can book time on the machine you will be using for your print. Please contact us using the email listed below. You are required to provide your own materials. This equipment has a bit of a learning curve so you are encouraged to take a private lesson to get up and running for now please review the videos below.


1 time cost: $25, est. time 1 hour for orientation for all functioning printers. If you have had an orientation and a new printer comes online, you can request an update on the new machine free of charge. Contact the email below.


Cost: $25, est. time 1 hour

More than just a basic orientation, a private lesson will show you the ins and outs of 3d design as it relates to 3d printing. Some considerations should be made in your designs if you plan on 3d printing them. Does your design have overhangs? How hard will it be to clean the supports off? What should your layer resolution be? Should you print your design in multiple parts? These are the types of things you will learn in a private lesson. See you soon!

For more info regarding the 3d printing area, contact: info@yakimamakerspace.org

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