Interested in Teaching a Class?

Yakima Maker Space classes are an exciting opportunity for individuals to share their skills and knowledge with the community. If you are excited about your craft, we encourage you to teach a workshop to get others excited as well! You don’t have to be a top expert to teach a class. Your personal know-how and enthusiasm for your art is as good a credential as any.

We aim to offer a variety of unique classes for members and non-members. Classes can offer valuable new skills and experiences to our community of makers.

If you have a class idea that you are passionate about teaching, please review the process below to get started:

1. Contact our Workshop Coordinator. Breanna Stratton can be reached at to discuss the class you'd like to teach. We ask for a minimum of four weeks advance notice before you'd like the class to begin.

2. Discuss compensation. Yes, you can get paid to teach a class! Final workshop pricing will take into account the cost of materials, instructor fees, as well as a YMS user fee per workshop participant.

3. Set a schedule and promote the class. We promote classes regularly on our social channels, but it helps if our instructors help get the word out to encourage participants to sign up. Who might be excited about your workshop? Where can you find them? We can help you along the way, but you will have the best knowledge about who would take your workshop.

4. Check in before your class begins. Be sure to communicate with us 2-3 days before your class so we can make sure everything is in order.  We will be able to share how many participants have registered for your class so you can make sure you have enough supplies and your work area is set up the way you need it.

5. Execute! Don’t be afraid to explore and discover alongside your attendees. Curiosity is the mother of invention.

6. Report back to us. We want to hear how it went. How many people showed up? Did you get participants' contact info so you can follow up? Did you receive feedback that's helpful for us to know? Did you participants share about other classes they would like to take? We'd love to debrief so we can work with you to improve wherever we can!

Classes and workshops are a great way to make friends, find common interests, explore a new craft, and create a buzz around the work you love to do. If you have an idea for a class, let us know!



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