CNC Router Table

YMS has a wonderful tool called a ShopBot! It is a 4 X 8 computer controlled router table that you can make all kinds of wonderful things with. There is however a steep learning curve and the machine is expensive to operate and maintain.  Users are required to take a certification class, or work with a certified member to use this tool. 

1 time cost: $35

Schedule time for certification by emailing or


$30.00 an hour - Schedule time on our CNC Router by emailing or


Our shop-bot uses v-carve pro for design and to set up files to get them ready to cut. You can review software with their handy tutorials. Our YMS CAD computer has a licensed copy for membership to use.

CNC Routing Basics: Tool paths and Feeds ‘n Speeds
  • Spindle Speed – rotational speed of the cutting tool in revolutions per min
  • Feed Rate – Surface speed at the center of the rotating tool
  • Step down – the distance in the z direction per pass that a cutting tool is plunged into the material
  • Step over – the maximum distance in the x/y direction that a cutting tool will engage with uncut material


Members: 24/7 Access

Public Open Hours: Saturdays: 10am-2pm

See Events Calendar for Class & Workshop Times

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